Alyssa and Amber we love you and we will NEVER quit fighting for you.

UPDATE - For December 7, 2007

I am done with my new web page. You can review it  BY CLICKING HERE.  Does the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS), Newaygo County Child Protection Services (CPS), our Attorney General (AG), the adoption agency and others actually think, they are going to steal our 2 granddaughters for good by using their lies, false accusations and fraudulent information and I will sit back and do nothing? On my new web page I went into greater details as to things that has transpired in this case.

All's fair in love and war?

Most people are under the misconception that our child protection industry is working for the best interests of the children. If you happen to be one of those you have been grossly misguided. This is all about money money and more money. You may ask, where is this money coming from?  Do you remember when you get your pay checks and look at the deductions you paid to social security? You probably thought that money paid was for your benefits after you reached a certain age and for the disabled. Wrong again! Each and every state in this country are cashing in on your social security funds through  TITLE IV  at the expense of children. Below are prime examples of the State of Michigan and the reason they are fighting us so hard as we try to get our babies back. The longer this state can keep these children in foster care the more of your social security funds they collect. You may think this is an exception but it is rather the rule when dealing with states and the foster care system.  Granted there are some children that need protecting but for the most part children are grabbed and this is not the case.

Below is only a small portion of the actual turn of events that transpired in our dealings with the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Protection Services (CPS) along with others. My new webpage will be published soon.


I've been informed others may think this site is about them, in response to that I will say Carly Simon sang it best.

You're so vain
If you think this site is about you
You're so vain

This site is about and only about two very special young ladies, Alyssa and Amber and what has and is still happening to them.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How many DHS/CPS workers does it take to ruin a child's life and turn her into a "wild animal"?

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We had court hearings on July 25, August 2nd and 3rd and here is an update from those hearings. Grand Parents Opinion/Orders. There as so many things I could talk about and for now all I'm going to address is the grandparents visitation hearing and the courts opinion.

Click on this link if you want to read about some of the lies that were told during our,  Section 45 hearing,  perjury you say? I recently added a bit of an update on this link represented by an *. The lack of insight by DHS and the MCI Superintendent.

Section 45 hearing decision  Michigan Children's Institute's (MCI) decision to deny us consent to adopt was arbitrary and capricious. DHS/CPS, MCI and the Attorney General of this state will go to any length to keep children from their family, all for the love of money.

Our granddaughters, Alyssa and Amber, were removed from our daughters home March 2005. They were placed in our care at that time. The end of June 2005 our daughter got upset with us for punishing her for doing something she wasnít suppose to. So needless to say she decided to get even. If she canít have them why should we. A CPS (Children's Protective Services) investigation was done and they found no evidence to support our daughterís false claims. Even though CPS found no evidence the CPS worker didnít tell the truth in her fraudulent report. These beautiful young ladies were removed from our care in their "best interest". 

I hadn't seen them in a week and when they saw me the oldest, Alyssa said, "Grandpa I want to come back home with you." The younger one Amber said, "Me too." They thought they were coming back home when this picture was taken. I didn't have the heart to tell them what was going to happen to them. They went to foster care that day, July 1, 2005.

We appealed to the FCRB (foster care review board) and we were never informed of our hearing until it was started. We wouldnít have even known about this hearing if I hadnít called them minutes before it was to start. Needless to say we werenít prepared for this hearing,  we had no one to represent us. We had no family or friend that could speak on our behalf. We had no due process. We lost this appeal and were then informed the appeal process stops here.

This picture was taken 5 monthís later at the foster care home. Tell me, does Alyssa and Amber look like things have been done in their "best interest"?

No, these beautiful young ladies have been emotionally and mentally abused by CPSí unjust actions from Newaygo County.

Both parents had their rights terminated, Feb. and May of 2006. We werenít speaking to our daughter because of her part in this ordeal. Needless to say we didnít learn these girls we up for adoption until June 28, 2006, again we were left out of the loop by CPS. We immediately started the adoption process.

We were denied consent to adopt by the adoption agency. The adoption agency and CPS wanted the foster to adopt and was trying to talk her into it even though she didnít think this was in these girls "best interest".

Finally we get our days in court for a section 45 hearing, Feb. 7, 2007. The judge decided in our favor on March 5, 2007. The judge revoked the commitment of MCI (Michigan Childrenís Institute) and ordered the girls placed in our care.
The AG (attorney general) appealed and the judge denied their appeal. We were finally going to see our beautiful babies again. The transition started and we had our first visit with these girls at DHS on March 12, 2007.

This is a picture of Alyssa and Amber during the visit on March 12, 2007. This is the first time we were able to see them since July 1, 2005

When the door was opened at DHS and Alyssa saw us, tears started flowing from her eyes. Donít they look like they are happy to see us?

Before our visit with Alyssa and Amber on March 27, 2007, grandma made the foster some peanut butter cookies and we purchased her a thank you card,  it had this note included inside that card.


We would like to thank you, for

taking such great care of our


We have no intentions of cutting

you out of their lives when we get

them back. These two girls have gone

through enough and the last thing they

need are more emotional problems. 

We would love to meet with you some

day and personally thank you.

Please call us at 231-834-0067. 

Thank You,   

Tim and Barbara Atwood

The cookies, the card and the note was left with the CPS supervisor before our visit that day.

The foster appealed the move to the FCRB and again we were kept out of the loop. We were never notified about this hearing. The FCRB sent their recommendation to the court and we had a hearing on April 4, 2007. During this hearing the judge told CPS he wanted the girl transferred to our care within a 2 week period and if CPS didnít comply with his order from Feb. 7, 2007 we could file contempt and he would use jail as a sanction. 
Click here to read  the trial courts opinion.  I donít think the judge was very happy with DHS/CPS, I believe they werenít following a court order. His quote, ďAs to what child welfare practices other than stall and delay are being violated by this placement is not clear to the court.Ē  Cronyism and/or conflicts of interest?

Thursday April 5, 2007 was the first time we were allowed to visit Alyssa and Amber unsupervised. The following Monday, April 9, 2007 we started getting overnight visits.

We had Alyssa and Amber for an overnight visit  Wednesday April 11, 2007, the next morning we dropped the girls off to the foster. During this time I asked the foster if she received the cookies, card and the note. She said she did receive them. I asked her if she had our telephone number and she replied, "I won't be calling you!" Here she believe we are getting the girls placed in our care and she won't even call to see them. Does this sound like the foster is willing to do what is in the "best interest" for Alyssa and Amber?

We had the girls the weekend of April 13, 2007. April 17, 2007 the girls were suppose to be transitioned into our full time care and custody at 6:00pm.

Here are a couple pictures of Alyssa and Amber during their overnight visits. These were both taken April 11, 2007.

Here are a couple pictures of Alyssa and Amber during the week end visit of April 13-15, 2007. They were being silly for the first one.

Friday April 13, 2007 our attorney called and said the AG filed emergency motions/appeals to the COA (Court of Appeals). Here are the briefs our attorney supplied to their motions/appeals.   The adoption agency sent an expedited request for consent to MCI on behalf of the foster and they used fraudulent information in that document. 
The foster care mother repeatedly indicated that she did not want to adopt these children, prior to the review hearing/section 45 hearing..... "The
Appellees entirely dismissed the role of the trial Court, due process and civil procedures." 
"There are no built in exceptions to the due process created by the Michigan Court Rules."

Read these document and you will see the injustices that CPS,  the AG and the COA gets away with.

Tuesday April 17, 2007 the same day we were suppose to get Alyssa and Amber in our full time care and custody we received a call from our attorney at 4:00pm and the COA reversed the trial courts decision. We wonít be getting the girls, YET!

Keep in mind Alyssa and Amber knew they were suppose to be placed in our full time care and custody, they knew we were going to adopt them, they were looking forward this.

This same evening we went to town to get a few things. While I was getting gas I noticed the foster,  Alyssa and Amber inside the store. The foster saw me getting gas. When I went in the store to pay for my gas these poor girls had the same expression on their faces as they did in this picture while at the foster house.

I went outside and stood by my vehicle and could see the foster talking to Alyssa and Amber. When they came outside these poor girls looked scared to death. Makes you wonder what the foster said to the girls. All I could do is stand there and look. The foster had a hold of the girls hands and told them to get to the car as she pulled them with her. The foster would not let Alyssa and Amber give grandma and grandpa a hug or even say hi.. Again I ask you, is the foster doing what is in the "best interest" for Alyssa and Amber? I say no, she is only thinking about her "best interest!"  I can just imagine what other lies are now being told to these young ladies.

Not only has Newaygo County CPS emotionally and mentally abused Alyssa and Amber, they are now categorized as "special needs" children. Now the AG, the COA and others are even further traumatizing and abusing these poor young ladies by their actions.

Click on this link if you want to read about some of the lies that were told during our,  Section 45 hearing,  perjury you say? I recently added a bit of an update on this link  represented by an *. The lack of insight by DHS and the MCI Superintendent.

Alyssa and Amber we love you and we will NEVER quit fighting for you.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law

Kidnap: to seize and confine or carry away by force or FRAUD and often with a demand for ransom.

So, let me get this straight. If DHS/CPS workers take a child based on false accusations,  then they put fraudulent information in their documents/reports and don't tell the truth in court to keep the child, ARE THEY KIDNAPPERS?

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Here are a couple videos from Youtube. There are 100's here that tell the same kind of stories. Do you think this can't happen to you and your children? Think again!!!

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